At RIOMA REDES, we are convinced that the best way to charge electric cars is with Photovoltaics and a storage system with batteries.

ISOLATED ELECTROLINERAS designed by RIOMA REDES, to take advantage of solar energy and transform it into electric current to recharge cars or motorcycles. At the same time, these Electric Stations are installed with Lithium batteries in storage and through an inverter we feed the chargers at 230V to charge the vehicle even if the photovoltaic system is not producing (for example: at night).

We have many models and we manufacture it to suit the client as a certified product and with electronic devices to have system monitoring in various devices

These canopies for Electrolineras are designed with a modular and robust system that can be increased towards the sides, making it extensible to where it is needed. It is prepared for the integration of recharging solutions.

The structure is made of galvanized steel with primer and paint, which allows us to guarantee the durability of the product against oxidation or atmospheric agents.

It is a scalable system, in which we can modulate from 100 Kwh stored up to 5 Mwh stored, depending on the client's needs.

With this system you can know the cost of recharging vehicles for the next 30 years. This being a highly competitive cost.


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