Rioma Redes has its own Engineering Company, with which it develops Electrical Engineering Projects, Renewable Energies, Building, Civil Engineering... ESTING, Estudio de Ingeniería S.L.P. has more than 25 years of experience in the Design, Development, Preparation, Management and Execution of projects at an international level.

ESTING, has a multidisciplinary team of engineers with extensive experience, in its long history of more than 20 years

Proof of this are the clients with whom we have worked, both private companies and official organizations belonging to the regional and state administration.

Esting grows at the same time as construction develops in Spain and becomes an Engineering that designs Urban Development Plans, more than 10,000 homes in 5 years and 10,000,000 m2 of land in urban developments.

In parallel, ESTING is carrying out work in various countries (Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Panama,...).


  • Penya Roja Urbanization Project in Pego with an area of ​​2,500,000 m2 and a total of 5,000 homes. ESTING is the facultative direction of the urbanization work and facilities of the partial plan
  • Reservoir and pumping project in Villajoyosa for the irrigation community of La Vila
  • Denia Port Station Project


  • Urbanization and building project in Alberique. With an area of ​​450,000 m2 and 1,500 homes in closed blocks. Esting carries out the urban development and building facilities.
  • Partial Plan in Águilas with an area of ​​3,000,000 m2 for 2,000 homes and a golf course. Esting carries out the Urban Development.


  • Classroom No. 2 of the University of Alicante.
  • Jesuit College of Alicante.


  • IMED Levante Hospital in Benidorm.
  • Several Schools for CIEGSA.
  • Orba Social Center
  • Ondara House of Culture
  • Ondara Municipal Pool
  • Santa LLucia Senior Citizens Residence in Denia
  • Several projects to adapt facilities in Denia.
  • Urbanization of Squares and Streets in Denia
  • El Verger Partial Industrial Plan I, II and III


  • Installation in Segovia with a power of 800 Kw Marma and SERHUCO
  • Installation in Yecla with a power of 2.5 Mw
  • Installation in Blizkovice, Czech Republic, with a power of 1.8 Mw SIGNET SOLAR
  • Signet Solar Indoor Installation in Germany, with a power of 250 Kw SIGNET SOLAR
  • Benijama Facility (Alicante) with a power of 20 Mw GESFESA ENERGIA
  • Installation Benijama II (Alicante) with a power of 65 Mw ELECTROALDESA
  • Casatejada installation, with a power of 700 Kw SUNPOWER
  • Cover Cita du Libro, Stradella with a capacity of 3.5 Mw SOLAR PLUS 20 Srl
  • Solidaridad I, II, III Installation 22.9 Mw SOLIDARIDAD SOLAR
  • Project 50 Mw Photovoltaic Installation to Pool in Rebolloso FUTURE BIOMASS
  • Project 42 Mw Photovoltaic Installation to Pool in Bolbaite SOLCON TERRENOS 2006 S.L.
  • Project 25 Mw photovoltaic roofs up to 1 Mw in Italy AIRON ENERGIA
  • 15 Mw project in ground facilities in Italy, Jelsi and Molise. AIRON ENERGY.
  • Co-development agreement with BARING for 1000 Mw in Spain
  • María de Huerva 44 Mw Project
  • Epila 13 Mw Project
  • Muel 5 Mw Project
  • Alloza 16 Mw Project
  • Magallon 13 Mw Project
  • EL ESPARTAL I, II, III, IV and V project with a power of 45 Mw
  • EL ESPARTAL VI, VII, VIII, IX project with a power of 35 Mw
  • GALAPAGAR project with a power of 100 Mw
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