More than 20 years of experience in electrical installations, engineering and photovoltaic installation

Rioma Redes is a facilities company that has been in existence for 20 years, with the capacity and experience in managing subcontractors to complete staff if necessary.

The company was born in the year 2000 as an ONO reference installer, dedicating ourselves in a first stage to communications networks, cable television, fiber optic networks, multipair and coaxial cabling for cable TV.

Soon, Rioma Redes expands its field of activities and begins to enter residential and industrial electrical installations and urban developments, MV lines, transformation centers and all kinds of electrical installations. p>

In mid-2006, as a result of the development of photovoltaics in Spain, the company began to acquire photovoltaic facilities under an EPC contract, turnkey.

Today, Rioma Redes is a consolidated company in the facilities, energy and engineering sector that carries out its activities in Spain, Germany, the Czech Republic, and Italy, with installed power which already exceeds 40 MW.

Currently, it is building telecommunications networks for Telefónica and Jazztel together with TELECO.

Shortly, it will undertake the construction of a 40 MW photovoltaic plant in collaboration with ESTING, SLP engineering

The company has as fundamental pillars:

  • Own staff
  • The professionalism of all its employees
  • The Experience
  • Continuous training
  • Multidisciplinary Team
  • Research and Development R&D

Renewable energy experience

The company covers the entire field of renewable energies, offering integral solutions to the developer. Its activity begins with the preparation of the basic projects and ends with the maintenance of the implanted facilities.

One of the activities that RIOMA REDES develops within the services offered to our clients is project & Construction Management (Integrated Management of Projects and Construction), a novel aspect in the field of renewable energies, and which offers Developers , investors and Financing Sources the peace of mind of a strict management and monitoring of their projects and constructions, thus ensuring zero deviation from the "target" budgets. RIOMA REDES ensures the Tranquility of its clients, since their projects are in the hands of professionals from the renewable energy sector.

Our values ​​as a company

One of the fundamental pillars of RIOMA REDES is continuous improvement and the search for excellence. Likewise, one of our corporate values ​​is respect for the environment, promoting the sustainability of energy management, therefore RIOMA REDES. The company has experienced staff in each field. Its staff is made up of engineers from all the disciplines affected, from photovoltaic energy installations, the civil works of wind farms, cogeneration, etc., going through the environmental conditions of said installations and also including all the industrial engineering necessary for the definition and follow-up of the projects, being able to face, within his area of ​​​​knowledge, any project related to renewable energies.

Our professionals work with total transparency in all their daily operations, from the most basic to the most complex. Our clients enjoy all the information related to their projects. In a market as competitive as that of renewable energies, having the peace of mind of upright professionals in its management is the most valued by our clients. At RIOMA REDES, we look for the most advanced procedures, techniques and means, and we study all cases in a personalized way, applying the most innovative solutions related to the sector. Being careful with the Environment and using "Sustainable Engineering" is our greatest motivation. We seek the maximum use of our projects without causing damage to the environment.

At RIOMA REDES we are fully aware of Occupational Health and Safety. Our objective of zero accidents is only achievable through the maximum zeal of all our professionals and collaborators. Safety is everyone's right, and as such, it deserves the utmost respect and attention. At RIOMA REDES we defend this concept from the first moment a project begins to be studied, involving all the agents involved, from the Owner to the suppliers and providers.

What do we do?

RIOMA REDES offers comprehensive management of facilities focused on the production of renewable energy. Comprehensive management implies carrying out all the necessary steps to make the operation of the facility possible, beginning with administrative management and ending with the maintenance of the facility itself. Specifically, the activities included are:

  • Administrative Management of permits Installation execution projects
  • Environmental Impact Study
  • Execution of Civil Works
  • Execution of the electrical installation, wiring and substation
  • Execution of interconnection line
  • Commissioning management
  • Maintenance and operation

RIOMA REDES carries out customer acquisition, investor attraction, feasibility studies, due diligence, technical project audits, Project & Construction Management, facility design, engineering, project development, construction and installation, maintenance, monitoring of Installations executed, collaboration to obtain financing.

  • Project & construction management
  • Projects
  • Installation and maintenance of wind farms
  • Photovoltaic parks and roofs
  • Substations and transformation centers
  • High-speed airlines
  • Low voltage distribution networks
  • Installations in b.t. related to our activity.
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